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YES! We are a part of Affiliate Programs...

We have nothing to hide here. Yes! LCKERROOM.COM™ is a part of affiliate programs and we do offer and promote some of their products and services on the site alongside with our own products and other products and services NOT connected with an affiliate program.


We do this to keep from having to offer paid subscriptions for the FREE memberships on a monthly basis. This helps to keep the "lights" on and website running smoothly so that you can enjoy regular content updates.



NO! LCKERROOM.COM™ is not being paid to offer positive reviews of products and services listed on the platform by any affiliate program. Any review you see being given by LCKERROOM.COM™ is a result of the team or members of the company reviewing the product or service.


NO! A product or service being featured does not mean that LCKERROOM.COM has an affiliation with that company or brand, or is participating in their or future affiliate program offerings. It means LCKERROOM.COM™ likes the product or service and feels it will benefit our audience and is something we can stand by.


You will notice that advertisements are tastefully placed so that you are not bombarded with ads all over the site like some sites that use click bate tactics.


It is our earnest philosophy to only pursue, promote, and advertise products and services that we think will benefit our viewers, that best represent the vision and mission of LCKERROOM.COM™.


LCKERROOM.COM™ knows that our viewers are mature, sophisticated, movers and shakers, and on the up and up in their industry, which is why we do our best to minimize the number of ads presented and get straight to the meat and potatoes of our site content.


However, keep in mind by supporting LCKERROOM.COM™ via engaging the products and services presented you are ensuring that this site remains FREE and that it can continue its mission of reaching as many men as possible with its life-changing message of embracing humanity for maximum transformation into real manliness!

...want us to consider your affiliate program?

Thanks! Message sent.

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